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Hi, sorry if you have answered questions like this before, but I've just seen you made a makoharu doujin? Was this something you were selling? and are still selling if yes? Sorry if this is random and super forward of me. Thanks :)

Hi :)
You can read it in my blog for free :)

Hope you like it! 

Will yo draw any other super cute MakoHaru doujin? I really loved Out of the blue *^*

Thank you anon! It makes me very happy that you liked it :)
I would love to make another long doujin like Out of the blue, but I think I’ll wait to the second season to end. Because I would like to draw some makoharu in their mid-twenties, and I want to know what they are going to do with their lifes first UXD Though i’m not very confident about my script writing skills, so I don’t know… and there’s my work, too, I don’t have much free time.

I have a short story about them hunting crabs when kids too UX_D I haven’t finished it yet! 


Why I can’t pay rent drawing makoharus? ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

I really love seeing your art on my dash it always make me smile. ˘◡˘

Ahhhh I was a bit sad and reading this really brightened my day, thank youuu~~ 

Book of Circus ending is so beautiful, I don’t know how many times I rewatched and I still feel heat in my ears (/ω\)

Please can you draw some RinHaru?? I love your art style!! ~

Thanks for the compliment anon! About drawing Rinharu though…

Voy a darte una sugerencia para que dibujes un personaje de videojuego que posiblemente no conozcas (si te apetece, obviamente xD). Se llama "Flawkes", protagonista de "Cargo! The Questo for Gravity". Un saludo! :)

No es que tenga nada en contra de las request, pero me paso el día dibujando por trabajo y cuando tengo un hueco (y suele ser poco tiempo) para dibujar algún fanart prefiero que sea sobre algo que me guste, al menos. Si ni lo conozco, pues no.

Para tener media idea de que cosas me gustan está mi blog del spam: www.aristogata.tumblr.com/

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I thought people was very pissed off with that? Well at least all the SM fans I’ve talked about this were very upset with the transformations.
I don’t have anything against the use of 3D but here looks…cheap :(
Everything looks cheap to be honest. I’m very dissapointed.

brooklynmoranart replied to your post: WHY IS SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL SO BAD DRAW…

I heard that the animation for episode 2 was outsourced so Toei could focus on the Moon Pride MV, which had gorgeous animation. But I agree I the animation should be a lot better.

I thought the whole series was already done! They are animating the episodes as they are streaming the series? That would explain why they need two weeks in between. 


My first reaction with ep1 was “meh, it could be worse”, but I’ve just watched ep2 and I’m really angry. I don’t like the style, but at least they could put more effort on making good animation? But they can’t even tilt their heads without having their faces floating weirdly!

And the abuse of the bad integrated 3D is disgusting… I don’t understand why they used 3D in the transformation scenes they are going to repeat every episode. It’s water so dificult to animate that they needed to use 3D fluids? Ami’s transformation is terrible D:

I shouldn’t use my blog for this but I’m really angry.

It’s Freeday! Heyyyy future fiiiiish~~!

Yesterday this blog reached 4000 followers :_) Thanks for your support, everyone!

*whispers* I’m drawing a Sailor Moon comic scripted by mybrotherthinksiminsane

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PLEASE make another doujin

Let’s see if we find the time :) 
But I would like to.

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I just want to rent a room with deliciest and live inside having coffee and talking about dork dads forever and ever.


So thanks the new ending of Free! and cafe-mediano talking about the cute family these two dorks would make I went totally crazy this week ; _ ;

Marchando un Hyoga!

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