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I finished Kill la Kill this weekend!
Lot of people recomended me this anime, and now i´m confused because I don’t know if I liked it or not. I really like Trigger character design and animation, but at first I didn’t liked it, then at the plot twist I started to enjoy the show a lot, but the end was very very weak and disappointing in my opinion.
Maybe people should stop comparing it to Gurren Lagann?
Anyway, I’ve wanted to do a genderbend of this two, because of reasons. I didn’t have courage to draw the kamuis transformed though XD

Now I don’t know what to watch ._.

May I ask what resolution or size your canvas is when you draw? Whenever I try and use Sai, the lines come out very pixelated for some reason. Like it was MSPaint!

I always start sketching with a4 size, 350ppi. But that’s very strange, I don’t see any difference in the strokes working in smaller sizes and resolutions…

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I've noticed that you sometimes use a textured brush to do your lineart. Are you also using Sai? I've been trying to find a textured brush for Sai that'd be good for lineart for ages. Would you mind sharing where you got it? If not, thank you anyway!

I work a lot with SAI because it’s a lighter software, I start all my sketches there. I use the default crayon brush when I want textured lineart. I’m afraid I’m not very original X_D

With Photoshop I use a lot this set: https://cghub.com/scripts/view/83/ and another brush that comes with this set: https://cghub.com/scripts/view/102/ (though it’s a set for painting fur, there’s one that makes nice sharp textured strokes)

Hope it’s useful!

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nockergeek replied to your post:

Beautiful work; is it marker?

It’s photoshop :)

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Finished watching TTGL again this week. All the tears.
I love these two so much.

guess the anime i’m watching again

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Dunno why but I have a huge Dragonball nostalgia these days :_3
And it’s always fun to draw DB characters in your own style!

This one is from my sketchbook!
I’d loved to see some grandma Nanase flashbacks :_3


'Herem' Chapter 1 is online!!
My waifu mybrotherthinksiminsane and I have been working hard on the translation and hopefully we did a decent job, haha

As I said before, the webcomic will be updated monthly with complete chapters. Hope you enjoy the first 22 pages. More characters to come in English :_D
Drop by and let me know what you think! ♥


Probably almost everyone who follow my blog was following Noiry previously but just in case. This comic is so good that everyone needs to know about it. So many feeeeeels! (ಥ⌣ಥ)

Your art is so beautiful and your blog is amazing!

Awwww :D 
Thank you very much! :)

OMG that doujinshi was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it! Do you plan on making any more in the future?

But, but… I’ve just finished this one!

hahaha just joking :_D
I’m glad you liked the doujin! I really want to make another one (with less angst this time) but I’m very busy lately… let’s see if I find the time! :D

Thanks for asking! ^_^

Gracias GRACIAS por este Makoharu tan increíble :)

Ala! Muchisimas gracias a tí por leerlo :_D

Out of the Blue (Part 5)

First of all, sorry for the delay. cafe-mediano and I were very busy this week… :(

Last part, finally! With some extra pages :)
As always, script by Cafe-chan and translation thanks to mybrotherthinksiminsane
Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this doujin, even more if you liked or reblogged it. It was something we did just for fun to share with our friends but it was fun to upload it here too!

This is oficially the first time cafe-mediano and I finish a project together, I hope it won’t be the last! hahaha

THIS IS NSFW. This last part contains some bad language, angry/rude sex, so if you don’t like that things or you feel that is very OOC… you’re warned!

(I don’t want to draw the kids arguing anymore, from now on I’ll only draw fluffy makoharus T3T)

First part.
Second part.
Third part.
Fourth part.

(more under the cut)

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Oooops, I totally forgot to tell you that the last part of Out of the Blue will be uploaded, hopefully, this Valentine’s day!

I have tons of work and I couldn’t finish it yet, but you’ll have 3 extra pages :)

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